RulesĀ of the League

The following is a list of house rules for Madison County Youth Soccer.
Culpeper/Madison/Orange/Rappahannock Recreational Rules

Matching Player Rule
In the event a team is unable to field a full complement of players, the opposing team will play with an equal number of players. The game will be played in such a manner until additional players arrive for the short-sided team.

Sides Of The Fields
Parents and spectators will be on one side of the field. Players and Coaches will be on the opposite side of the field. Only official team coaches may be on the players/coaches side of the field. No one will be allowed to stand behind the goal line. In the event that a field will not accommodate this set up, each team will occupy one half of the field with the center field line being the dividing line. Referees will make the decision if the field will or will not accommodate the player, spectator set up.

Player Safety- Slide Tackling (U12 and younger)
To maximize player safety, the Culpeper Soccer Association (and Madison, too) has instructed its officials to consider any slide tackling to be dangerous play. Under the laws of the game, any dangerous play is considered a foul and results in the award of an indirect free kick to the opposition. It is the opinion of the Board that slide tackling in our recreational environment could foster reckless play by unskilled players- possibly injuring youngsters unable to protect themselves from the challenge. It is not the intent of the Board to inhibit the development of its players. This ruling is made for the general safety of all players beginning their development – hopefully allowing them to learn the game without the fear of injury.

Player Equipment
All players will wear shin guards. Socks must completely cover shin guards.
Approved footwear is as follows:
Soccer shoes with molded cleats
Soccer shoes with turf soles
Soccer shoes with indoor soles
Tennis shoes
Soccer shoes with “screw-in studs” are not approved for player use at House league level…
Baseball, football, or universal cleats are prohibited from use” (No toe cleats permitted)
No jewelry or unsafe accessories (metal hair fasteners, swinging beads, etc.) may be worn
Eyeglasses must be fastened so as not to come loose and eyeglass hinges should be covered so as not to pose a hazard

U8 Rules (4 v 4) 4 – 10 minute quarters, 2 min between quarters, 5 min. halftime, #3 ball
1. All laws of the game enforced except offsides.
2. All players receive a second chance on throw-ins
3. Slide tackling is not permitted. Restart is direct (this restart for U8 only) free kick.
4. All free kicks are “direct”. Opponents must retreat 4 yards or to the goal line whichever is less.
5. No penalty kicks shall be awarded or taken
6. Goal kicks and corner kicks are used to restart play when the ball passes over the end line (and is outside the goal).
7. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage of play.
8. No goalies will be used
9. Coaches are permitted on field

U10 and U12
1. All laws of the game enforced
2. Slide tackling is not permitted. Restart is indirect free kick.

U14 and U18
1. All laws of the game enforced
2. Slide tackling is permitted

Ball size
U8 – #3
U10 and U12 – #4
U14 and up – #5

Game Duration
U8: 4 – 10 min quarters
U10: 2 – 25 min halves
U12: 2 – 30 min halves
U14: 2 – 35 min halves
U18: 2 – 45 min halves

Team Sizes
U8: 4 v 4
U10: 6 v 6
U12 : 8 v 8
U14 and above: 11 v 11

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